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Great Careers or Jobs for Those With A Biblical Studies/Mission Degree

Below are a few jobs that would be a good fit for a person with a Biblical Studies/Mission degree. There are other jobs where biblical degrees are transferrable from the spiritual to the secular. We only listed a few on this page.

Business Management or Marketing

At first glance, it might seem strange to have a Bible studies degree be the foundation for a business management or marketing job.  But what this degree might tell your employer is that you have the Word of God as the foundation of your education and the values and morals that go alone with a degree.  Bible studies are sorely needed in the world today where corrupt business practices seem the norm and not the exception.

Clergy, Deacons and Lay Workers

The church is in constant need of church workers who are called to carry on the work of Christ in the church. Pastor’s need clergy assistants and deacons, Sunday School needs teachers. Youth groups need trained young leaders.  The church as a whole needs qualified church workers.

Counseling and Social Work

Similar to a pastor’s job, a biblical counselor or social worker reaches out to people who are hurting and in need of good, solid, biblical counseling. Using your Christian degree as a social worker/counselor gives hope and life to those who are going through the challenges of life. Good insight using biblical principles can change lives and give hope and comfort for people who need it most.


The job of an educator is served well with a Bible study degree as the foundation of their education, particularly at a private or religious school because they are not like most public schools in the world that strive to avoid any reference about God. However, most religious or private schools stress a biblical foundation for teaching their children, and so this is a good fit for a person with a Bible study degree seeking to use their biblical education in the most useful manner possible.


The most obvious job for a person with a Bible study degree is that of a pastor or minister. A person who is called to shepherd or minister to the people of God are instrumental to the spiritual growth of single people, married couples and the family. Feeding the flock and being present in time of need is essential for the growth of the church.

Non-Profit Jobs

Bible study degrees, either an associates, a bachelors, a masters, or a doctorate are a perfect fit for nonprofit work. The knowledge and compassion to understand the needs of the less fortunate is found in the heart. But biblical knowledge helps the nonprofit worker to apply “What would Jesus do” to people who are affected by the challenges of life.  There are a plethora nonprofit jobs that cover every passion of those called to this field.

Writer or Journalist

Believe it or not a writer/ journalist is a good career for someone with a college degree in Bible studies. The use of biblical education to write for Christian magazines, newspapers or secular companies can be a great asset. Biblical knowledge with an ecumenical worldview combined with secular understanding of how the world works can be advantageous and intuitive for readers to relate to.


The spreading of the gospel is one of the key fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. A mission worker is a person who could work around the world changing lives, work in humanitarian organizations as well as work locally. Jesus said in Matthew 28:10 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Museum or Arts

In some shape or form, biblical history has been part of our lives for centuries. Having a biblical degree indicates that bible history was learned by the student indicating a biblical educational background could be a good fit for a Museum of Arts position.