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Classes offered: Fundamentals in Bible Teaching, English Composition, and World Religions.

Giving Opportunities

ETHNOS COLLEGE - Giving Opportunities

The goal of Ethnos College is to develop sound character with a biblical worldview in each student that can be applied to life, church, business, and our global community. Our graduates will go on to effectively operate in ministry, manage nonprofits and work in the business marketplace, using their God-given talents to benefit the world. Leading the way in changing the status quo, Ethnos College graduates will impact our hurting world by creating economic and cultural success and stability for the glory of Jesus Christ.

We need likeminded donors like you to join us in sowing into the lives of students through the unique educational experience Ethnos College offers. Your investment will bear fruit for years to come as our graduates make a generational impact on our world. Together, we will enable Ethnos students to spread the gospel and provide society with the knowledge, tools, and resources to make the world a better place.

Your donation of any amount helps us in our mission to shape the character of people from all nations by equipping them with spiritual, vocational, humanitarian and business knowledge to transform the world. We are deeply thankful for your support.

Ethnos College needs your support to help change lives of students seeking to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your gift will enable them to fulfill their calling and purpose locally and around the world. Funds are needed for operational cost, staffing/faculty and day to day expenses of operating a higher education institution. Donating money to colleges also helps give back to the next generation of students.

Scholarships are an essential to the success of college students. According to College Exam Planners, students who lack funds face the following obstacles and obtain benefits when seeking and acquiring scholarships.

  1. Increasing Cost: The rise in the cost of college, school, and the university fees is the number one reason scholarships are helpful for a student. Every year, there is at least a 5% increase in the tuition fee, particularly for international students. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to enroll in programs that are fully funded and keep a student out of all the financial stress.
  2. Student Loan Rate is shooting up: As per recent surveys, 56-58% of urban families are engaged in mortgages and loans to send their students for higher studies. On top of that, the loan rate in banks increases every year and this is why scholarships are important. They put the parents to ease and release them from the financial pressure.
  3. Get a Degree of Your Choice: Sometimes, it is not the cost of the institution but the cost of the degree program that is too high. Such out of financial reach programs can be easily taken up through scholarships. Opting for a good and fully funded program helps a candidate manage the degree of his or her choice.
  4. Have an Upper-Hand over Others: Attaining a scholarship surely has its share of financial benefits, but there’s also an exceptional personal benefit. These programs go on to add a huge value to an individual’s resume. Additionally, these convey that a student is extremely dedicated and has worked hard all his/her life. Thus, students who receive scholarships are automatically given more preference than others when it comes to job interviews.
  5. Respect and Appreciation: Getting a scholarship on your abilities will earn you respect not just in the eyes of others but also your own self. It will mean that you recognize your strengths and weakness and are willing to improve in areas where you are lacking. This is an excellent advantage mainly during group discussions when questions after questions are being thrown at you.

Why make a charitable gift to a Christian College?

  1. Advances the kingdom of God: Your gift will help advance the kingdom of God. We are at war with our adversary and the mind of the young and old is the battle field. God needs trained soldiers on the battle to fight the good fight of faith. We need your help to transform the mind of believers into the image of Christ to advance the kingdom.
  2. Provides a chance to create a better world: Everyone has a dream of making this world a better place. We all want a world where there is peace, we understand total peace will not come until the end but in the meantime, we must do our part in the world. If we want to make this world a better place than donating to Christian colleges is one of the better solutions to make the world a better place.
  3. Fulfills purpose and calling: Every person in the world wants fulfillment in their life. We want to know that we lived our life to the fullest and completed the God given task assigned to us. As God told Jeremiah “Before I formed you in the womb I knew[ a] you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jer. 1:5. We all have a purpose and destiny that must be accomplished on this earth. Your gifts helps young and old kingdom citizens fulfill their purpose and calling.