A School of Theology and Missions


Classes offered: Fundamentals in Bible Teaching, English Composition, and World Religions.


Ethnos College is a religious educational institution whose primary focus is to educate, empower, and spiritually form people into the image of Christ. Our holistic education equips the whole person by transforming the mind, preparing them for real-world situations and enlightening the spirit. Our rigorous academics include courses in theology, missions, and nonprofit work. Additional courses in financial management, social relationships, marriage, and parenting equip students with the everyday life skills necessary for success.

Our graduates will be effective in ministry as pastors, deacons, bible teachers, and more. Ethnos will teach students how to work in the business marketplace using these abilities. Students will acquire skills to effectively establish a nonprofit and operate nonprofit businesses such as food banks, medical clinics, pregnancy centers, homeless shelters, etc. Lastly, Ethnos will prepare students how to master the nuances of mission world relief groups and manage local and worldwide humanitarian organizations.

Classes taken at Ethnos College are taught by expert professionals in each field of study. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as well as classroom instruction during their studies. Although higher education is expensive and can be a highly competitive business, Ethnos is a place where high-quality, insightful, and affordable education can be obtained. Our goal is to build a school that is highly competent, staffed with professional faculty, and filled with students who want to transform the world. Our combination of theological, missional, and everyday life skills education is unique and provides students with a well-balanced education in their field of study.

Ethnos College will initially offer two and four-year degree programs in Biblical Studies and a four-year Mission degree will be offered for students called to the local or worldwide mission field. Additionally, our plan in the future is to add four-year degrees in Nonprofit Management, Business Administration or Management as well as other secular courses. Students from any adult age group are welcome to enroll, including international students.

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For more information, please call (540) 744-6439 or email admin@ethnos-college.org.